Posted by Barry Erlenwein on Aug 23, 2019

Thandar is 12 -year-old girls from the town of Lashio in northern Shan State, Burma. When Thandar was four years old, she fell down and fractured her right knee. 

At that time, she received a cast for a month, but once the cast was removed, she had a permanent limp. When she was eight, she was brought to a hospital to have her leg checked, where the doctor diagnosed her with tuberculosis in her bone. She received treatment for a year, but during that time and afterwards she would spend her whole day sitting, afraid she would fall down and hurt herself again. Eventually, she was not able to walk for long periods of time and she could not straighten her legs. Her parents brought her to a neurological specialist, but she is still undergoing medical investigations. 
Before she received her first wheelchair from BCMF, her parents had to carry her everywhere. This year, her parents were planning to stop bringing her to school, since she is getting too heavy to carry. But with her new wheelchair, Thandar Myo will continue to go to school. 
“Now she can go to school with her new wheelchair and her sister can help push her wheelchair,” said Thandar’s mother.