Posted on Jul 23, 2019
Last week we experienced a 'Behind the Badge' talk from our Fellow Rotarian, Trevor.
While we expected him to speak about his field of endeavour, we were deeply moved when he revealed a very personal, life changing event in his life; describing the impact it had emotionally on family life, something that still reverberates 10 years on.
He explained how a member of his family was King Hit, an act more recently relabeled as coward punched. He spoke with an open heart as he spoke of the love and courage all concerned needed to cope and deal with unconditionally, flow-on consequences as they progressively revealed themselves.
We are richer for this talk. Having often heard of the impact of such a vicious, pointless act in the media, to hear directly a heart-felt, explanation of the impact first hand, was so moving. The love of ones family is so important. Rotarian Trevor is one that doesn't speak about himself but of service to a community he believes needs helf to be their better selves.
He then went on to speak of how he saw a different face of our community and it's veiled needs as those with a less supportive team behind them battled daily to survive, outlining his subsequent involvement with St. Vincent de Paul, something he grew to absolutely respect.
It is our privilege to have such an empathic Member in our Club.